Episode 31 - A HD Remaster of a 3DS Port of the WiiU Version on Switch (ft. Sam Kingma)

This is it everyone, the last episode before the boys lives were changed forever with the release of Spider-Man on PS4. Cassidy is busy playing Picross on an airplane somewhere, Elmer realizes he likes sorta hard platformers, Andy describes Dead Cells, Robert makes a bet about eating a Life is Strange disc, and Sam is chomping at the bit to pick up his Spider-Man PS4. Also Sam Kingma is playing some busted version of Monster Hunter. Who Knows? If you like the show please follow us on Twitter at @awkpause and leave us a review on iTunes.

Episode 28 - Will Dave Bautista Be Luigi? (R6 Siege, Overwatch, Diablo III)

Andrew is in Tennessee so the boys cut loose. This week the boys get into the new Siege news, Overwatch event, Diablo coming to Switch, and Jean Ralphio has to go fast? They also cast the Mario Movie with meme predictions. Shout out to Reset Memory and Weird Heat for the show’s music. Follow us on twitter @awkpause and if you like the show leave us a review on iTunes.

Episode 24 - Do American Dogs Think in English? (Octopath Traveller, Marvel vs Capcom, The Culling 2, Kingdom Hearts Jamboree 3)

This week the boys dive into the old games they’ve been playing, stumble down a Hotel Transylvania rabbit hole (we promise this is a gaming podcast), discuss The Culling 2 fiasco, and geek out over Nathan Fillion as Draaaaaaaaake. Shout out to Reset Memory and Grimecraft for the show’s music and make sure to follow us on twitter @awkpause. If you like the show please leave us a review on itunes.

Episode 22 - Who is Elmer’s Deep Space Waifu? (Ghost Recon Wildlands, SGDQ, Gaming in the media, Kingdom Hearts Jamboree 1)

Andrew is in the Golden State, so the remaining Gold Bois talk about The Witcher, SGDQ, and.... a bunch of anime games. The Kingdom Hearts Jamboree has finally begun and the boys talk about their initial experience. Follow the show at @awkpause and if you’re playing Kingdom Hearts along with us, use the hashtag #GGKHJamboree. Shout out to Reset Memory for the show’s music

Episode 18 - The First Ever Gone Gold Go Long Gordo E3 Predictions Show #GGGLGE3P

On this very special episode the boys call an audible and discuss their Go Long Gordo E3 predictions. There are only a few fumbles and a lot of Hail Marys, and hopefully a few touchdowns. Catch us tweeting our predictions @awkpause using the hashtag #GGGLGE3P (and tweet us your own predictions). Shout out to whomever made the Lizzie McGuire theme song and Adam Lamberg for being Gordo

Episode 17 – Press This Button if You Get Stuck (State of Decay, Detroit: Become Human, and Sushi Striker)

The gang talks about the game’s they’ve been playing: State of Decay, Detroit: Become Human, Sushi Striker, and Titanfall 2. They also discuss the Pokémon and Fallout News. Also, Andrew is a dirty liar and will most likely end up drinking a jar of pickle juice. Shout out to Reset Memory and Grimecraft for the music, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter @AwkPause.