Episode 37 - Slow News, Fast Times with Gex

As we prepare for the storm that is Red Dead Redemption 2, the boys get together to discuss the cult-classic platformer, Gex. Long Live Gex. Square Let us know a place and Cassidy will be there to pitch the Gex reboot (@Sargentcass on Twitter). Also, with Smash & Red Dead on the horizon we had a quick game of the year check in. As always, thank you for listening. Shout out to Grimecraft for the outro track!

Episode 31 - A HD Remaster of a 3DS Port of the WiiU Version on Switch (ft. Sam Kingma)

This is it everyone, the last episode before the boys lives were changed forever with the release of Spider-Man on PS4. Cassidy is busy playing Picross on an airplane somewhere, Elmer realizes he likes sorta hard platformers, Andy describes Dead Cells, Robert makes a bet about eating a Life is Strange disc, and Sam is chomping at the bit to pick up his Spider-Man PS4. Also Sam Kingma is playing some busted version of Monster Hunter. Who Knows? If you like the show please follow us on Twitter at @awkpause and leave us a review on iTunes.