Who Are We?

Wanna hang with some friends, but also hate making plans and being around people? Well, Awkward Pause has got you covered. Starring Logan Turnip, Elms Guardado, Cassidy Sargent, and Andrew Street, Awkward Pause is a weekly podcast where friends who live miles apart get together through the power of the internet to talk about pop culture, growing up, and hopefully make you laugh along the way.

The Cast

Logan Turnip

Hold up your right hand. Now you've got a map of where Logan is from (Get it? Because your right-hand looks like the outline of Michigan? No? Okay). After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Logan left Michigan, moved to sunny Santa Monica, then hit up the Big Apple, and now is your resident Japanese boi. Logan can quote The Office for days, and is responsible for all the dank graphics on the site.

Elms Guardado

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, California, Elms Guardado currently attends the University of Missouri (yes, the racist one) and spends most of his time doing stand up and watching an irresponsible amount of movies.

As the youngest host of Awkward Pause, Elms is responsible for reminding grandpa Cass to take his pills, talking Logan into buying more Funko Pops, and making sure Andrew doesn’t forget that the Jersey Shore will forever be his dumb state’s biggest export.

Cassidy Sargent

Born on the best coast and raised in the wilds of suburbia outside of Portland, Oregon, Cassidy Sargent is the pod's token geriatric and occasional daddy. 

Proud parent to a wonderful cat, husband to an amazing wife and parent of the yet to be born, Baja Blast, Cassidy enjoys Netflix and chilling, playing games, reminiscing about 90’s culture, cheering on the Portland Timbers, dealing with crippling anxiety, Dungeons and Dragons, and dramatic Time Wizard based comebacks.

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Andrew Street

What do Bruce Springsteen, the Jersey Devil & Andrew Street have in common? They’re all from New Jersey. The proudest East Coaster you'll ever meet, Andrew loves pumping his fist, but hates pumping his own gas. When Andrew gets a break from keeping Elms in his place, he enjoys traveling, drinking craft beer, and reminiscing about the Habbo Hotel heydays.