Episode 1 - The Boys are Back in Town

Your favorite boys have finally awoken from their long slumber and are very excited to present the first episode of Awkward Pause. This week they discuss what they’ve been up to since you last heard from them, and talk about all the inside memes from their Texas trip. You can now find us on Twitter @awkpause, and please leave us a review on iTunes. Shout out to Weird Heat and Green Point Empathyfor the show's music.

Episode 68 - Who Has The Most Trophies?

This week the boys kick the show off by discussing how the title of Mr. Worldwide is chosen. They also talk about the joy of field day, Andrew gets another package from Elmer, and they decide who got the most trophies when they were kids (spoiler: participation awards count). Shout out to Reset Memory and Grimecraft for the intro and outro, and make sure to follow us on Twitter @4yanks1aussie

Episode 67 - The Presidential Episode (ft. Robert Mecchi)

Four score and seven years ago the boys sat down with their friend Rob to talk about school projects, almost failing college, and the reason why this is The Presidential Episode. Keep listening through the outro song for a bonus clip where we recorded an extra bit for Elmer’s audio class. Shout out to Reset Memory and Grimecraft for the show’s music, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @4yanks1aussie.